Size “S” handkerchiefs – they fit into every pocket

You will love your favourite handkerchiefs not only for their practicality, or their eco-friendly and cost-saving qualities, but they will become part of your dress and style, making you happy every time you hold them in your hands.

Size “M” handkerchiefs – for everyday use, and slightly larger pockets

You will notice how your kids will blow their noses much more happily into their favourite ever-so-soft hankies! They can put their hankies in their pockets, just like Daddy, and take them to the nursery. What is more, these hankies are also perfect for cooling and cleaning up smaller cuts and bruises – they have magical healing powers 🙂

Size “L” handkerchiefs – for handbags or coat pockets

The appearance of a real man is unimaginable without a handkerchief, whether in his trouser or jacket pocket, naturally matching his tie in colour and pattern.

Size “XL” handkerchiefs – “48h use” – for bad colds or the hay fever season

The soft fabric does not irritate the skin as much as a paper tissue. It does not tear, it does not have holes in it. You can use a single handkerchief instead of hundreds of tissues.

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