Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the products?

You can place your order through Etsy, in a message or via e-mail.

Where can I pick up the products myself?

You can pick up your packages in Budapest, in Budai Pékség, just a few minutes’ walk from Széll Kálmán tér (1122, Maros u. 23-25): at any time during opening hours, without prior appointment. WARNING: You can only pick up the products you have ordered, the shop has no extra storage. You should always wait for my notification that your package is ready for pick-up. You cannot pay in cash for your package in the store.

Where can I take a look at the products? Where is the shop?

We do not have our own shop. You can look at the whole range of products on Etsy, or you may visit one of our distributor shops, where you will find some of our products for sale.

How can I pay?

By bank transfer or Paypal. If you buy on Etsy, you can also pay by card via the Etsy interface. 

How much does shipping cost?

In case of a delivery within Hungary, the current shipping fees of the Hungarian postal services apply. If you prefer home delivery, you may request delivery by Foxpost courier. And if you would like to lower the shipping costs, or you are not at home during working hours, you can also have your package delivered to a Foxpost parcel terminal. 

What kind of packaging do you use for your products?

The handkerchiefs or napkins themselves – unless you have a special request – are tied with a simple and tasteful paper band, so that you can easily present them as a gift, without further packaging. 

Is it possible to request a different selection of products, chosen from several separate sets rather than the pre-arranged ones?

Yes, it is possible. However, since the price of fabrics may be different, it is possible that the final price of the set may be appr. 15% higher. Always contact me before placing your order. 

Is there a discount for buying in larger quantities?

Yes, I am happy to give a discount in such cases – request a special rate quotation.

How should I wash the textile handkerchiefs?

In a washing machine, with like colours, together with the rest of your laundry. The official recommendation is max. 40°C – if you wash them at a higher temperature, the fabric may shrink a little, and the colours may slightly fade, but otherwise they will be fine. More information on washing, with pictures:

How long can I use a handkerchief? How long will they last?

Our „oldest” handkerchief is five years old. So far, there is nothing wrong with it – they will be stolen first, rather than destroyed. 

The international recommendation is 70 washing cycles, but I think this may be rather the average length of time before owners lose their handkerchiefs.

Is it not disgusting to use textile handkerchiefs?

This may be a question of taste. If you find them repulsive, they may not be the best starting point for a zero waste lifestyle ☺

As a first step, put one into your coat pocket, or your handbag. Their greatest advantage is that they do not disintegrate even if you keep then there for a long time – as opposed to paper tissues. Moreover, your laundry will not be full of white scraps of paper even if you washed your hankies by accident…

Is it possible to order table cloths, table runners or centre cloths besides the napkins?

We mostly specialise in making napkins and handkerchiefs, but I like special requests, and will do my best to bring your ideas to life. I am also happy to help with the brainstorming, so feel free to contact me and ask any question you like!


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