Who are we, and what is BlessYou?

We are a family living in Budapest, with both my husband and myself working and bringing up our children. BlessYou is our family enterprise – with a bit of exaggeration, we might call it our “fifth child”.

How did it all begin?

My favourite hobby has always been sewing and creative arts and crafts. I have sewn plenty of presents, home decorations and clothes – including my own wedding dress. I was always full of ideas, and my cupboard full of more and more beautiful fabrics. Then I reached the point when I had to make a decision: what do I really want to do with all this…?

Then one evening in 2013 – I was browsing the Internet for some arts and crafts idea – I noticed that in other countries you can still buy textile handkerchiefs in an amazing variety of beautiful patterns, and in fact, they are very much in fashion. After doing some quick research I realised that here in Hungary, you can only find the classical style of handkerchiefs, whose design has not changed for decades. I was shocked to see how such a group of products could be missing from the market – even from our own home – in this increasingly “eco-conscious” world… and so the dream was born. After a few weeks of thinking, calculating and pondering over the idea with the family, the dream was turned into reality: and BlessYou came into being. 

Since both of us are perfectionists, both of us attended several courses and acquired the necessary training over the years. We spent a lot of time experimenting, testing and having others test our fabrics, in order to find the best possible materials. We only use high quality, 100% cotton fabrics – and since we started making napkins as well, 100% linen as well. I continue to read all opinions, feedbacks, and customers’ wishes, and in the light of these, try to enhance the quality of the materials, and broaden our selection of patterns and colours. 

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Bless You!


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